KNEC Diploma in Supply Chain Management Module 1 : Warehousing Operations and Stock Control Past Paper July 2018 Answers

Answers for Diploma in Supply Chain Management Module 1 : Warehousing Operations and Stock Control Past Paper July 2018

Course Name:  Supply Chain Management
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Course Level:  Diploma
Sub Level:       Module I
Course Unit:   Warehousing Operations and Stock Control
Exam body:    KNEC

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1. Explain five reasons for extended storage of materials in warehousing operations. ()

2. Explain five safety precautionary measures that a warehouse manager should take to protect materials from fire incident ()

3. Highlight four types of documents that a materials receiving clerk should confirm before off-loading a consignment from a supplier. ()

4. Tendo company limited has been experiencing delays in its order picking process .Explain five measures that the warehouse manager may institute to enhance the efficiency of the process. ()

5. Explain five challenges that a warehouse manager may face in maintaining accurate stock records. ()

6. One of the methods that an organization may use to code its materials is bar coding .Explain five advantages of the method ()

7. A warehouse manager is intending to carry out a periodic stocktaking exercise. Explain five disadvantage of periodic stocktaking method. ()

8. A performance review conducted by jackys limited in its warehouse has revealed that the Radom stock location system used is inefficient. Explain five measures that may be taken to curb the inefficiency. ()

9. Explain five factors that may favour the use of packaging as a method of preserving materials. ()

10. Explain five ways in which a store layout planner may facilitate the economical utilization of storage space in a warehouse. ()

11. Explain five disadvantages of using conveyor belts as a material handling equipment in warehouse. ()

12. Outline five types of information that should be included on material package in order to facilitate warehousing operations. ()

13. Zawadi company limited has been experiencing stock outs for materials. Explain the ways in which the warehouse manager may minimize the stock outs ()