KNEC Craft Certificate in Supply Chain Management Module 1 : Warehousing Operations and Stock Control Past Paper November 2022 Answers

Answers for Warehousing Operations and Stock Control Past Paper November 2022

Course Name:  Supply Chain Management
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Course Level:  Craft Certificate
Sub Level:       Module I
Course Unit:   Warehousing Operations and Stock Control
Exam body:    KNEC

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1. State four types of costs that constitute the materials handling cost ()

2. List three methods that a user department may use to follow up materials requisitions to the warehouse ()

3. State four categories under which materials may be classified ()

4. State two circumstances under which the fixed location method may be used in a warehouse. ()

5. List three factors that may be considered when devising a stores layout in a warehouse ()

6. List three types of goods that an organization may package using a crate ()

7. State three characteristics of goods that may fall under category B of ABC analysis ()

8. State three reasons why an organization may computerize its stock recording system ()

9. State four details contained in a stock taking sheet ()

10. State three reasons why an organization may use painting as a preservation method ()

11. Highlight four ways in which the store-keeping function may contribute to the attainment of an organization's objectives ()

12. Outline six details that are contained in a Goods Inwards Register ()

13. Outline four benefits that an organization may derive from using bar codes for stores identification ()

14. Ms. Nze is in the process of devising a storehouse materials location system. Describe six steps he should follow in order to come up with an efficient system ()

15. Outline six objectives of an ideal stores layout ()

16. Highlight four factors that a company may consider when choosing a suitable preservation method for its goods ()

17. Explain six circumstances under which an organization may opt to use human labour in Handling its goods ()

18. Explain four consequences of maintaining inaccurate stock records in an organization ()

19. Ms. Maria has been requested by a warehouse officer to prepare a discrepancy report after a stock taking exercise. Highlight six details that should be included in the report. ()

20. Outline four measures that an organization may put in place to reduce cases of pilferage in a storehouse. ()