KNEC Craft Certificate in Supply Chain Management Module 1 : Warehousing Operations and Stock Control Past Paper November 2018 Answers

Answers for Warehousing Operations and Stock Control Past Paper November 2018

Course Name:  Supply Chain Management
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Course Level:  Craft Certificate
Sub Level:       Module I
Course Unit:   Warehousing Operations and Stock Control
Exam body:    KNEC

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1. The production store is one type of warehouses that may be set up in a manufacturing firm. State three roles of such a warehouse ()

2. Juma, a warehouse officer has been posted to the receipt section. List three tools that he may use to determine the quantity of goods delivered by a supplier ()

3. State three disadvantages to a retail firm that fails to properly classify its goods ()

4. Identify three types of information that should be contained in a stores location index ()

5. State two reasons that make it necessary for a warehouse officer to devise an appropriate stores layout in the warehouse ()

6. Identify three methods that may be used to appropriately preserve goods which fall under cereals ()

7. List two types of cranes which may be used in handling goods at a warehouse ()

8. State three criteria upon which overall stock control activity in an organization may be based. ()

9. State three items of information which a warehouse officer can obtain from a goods inwards register ()

10. Identify three parties in an organization who may be involved in a stock-checking exercise in an organization ()

11. State two measures that a warehouse clerk should take to enhance the security of attractive goods in a warehouse ()

12. State two factors that may limit the use of polythene bags in packaging goods for customers ()

13. The management of Kiko Enterprises has rejected a site proposed for its warehouse. Outline six reasons that may have influenced the management to reject the site ()

14. Explain four circumstances under which an organization may find it appropriate to defer the delivery of goods by a supplier ()

15. Outline four disadvantages to an organization of using the bar coding method of identifying goods ()

16. Describe six steps that a stores officer should follow when devising a location method for goods in warehouse ()

17. Ako superstores has been experiencing low customer patronage which is attributed to the poor stores layout. Describe six features of the stores layout which may account for the poor customer patronage ()

18. Explain six measures that a retail outlet manager should take to enhance efficiency in the materials handling activity of the firm ()

19. Some companies do not like the use of the imprest stock control method in their warehousing operations. Outline four reasons that may account for this situation ()

20. Many firms are increasingly abandoning the use of the manual method of preparing their stores records. Outline six reasons that may account for this trend ()

21. Outline four roles that a warehouse clerk is expected to play in the process of a stocktaking exercise in an organization ()