KNEC Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management Module II Office Organization Past paper July 2016 Answers

Answers for Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management Module II Office Organization Past paper July 2016

Course Name:  Human Resource Management
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Course Level:  Craft Certificate
Sub Level:       Module II
Course Unit:   Office Organization
Exam body:    KNEC

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1. State four principles under which the co-operative societies operate. ()

2. List three compulsory deductions that may be made from the gross pay of an employee. ()

3. State three functions of the Marketing Department in an organization. ()

4. Give four reasons for the increased use of mobile phones by business organizations. ()

5. State three disadvantages of written communication. ()

6. Outline three reasons why some organizations prefer to use open plan offices. ()

7. Outline four reasons that make it necessary for an organization to keep stock records of office stationery. ()

8. Outline three measures that a supervisor may take to maintain good human relations with his subordinates. ()

9. State two types of equipment that may be used to reproduce documents in an office. ()

10. Outline three reasons why organizations file their records. ()

11. Describe six circumstances under which a limited company may be dissolved. ()

12. Outline four measures that an organization may take to minimize misplacement of files. ()

13. Outline six ways in which the management of an organization may create good human relations with the employees. ()

14. Explain four reasons why many organizations are using computers in their operations today. ()

15. Outline six factors that may determine the period of time documents are retained in an office. ()

16. Explain four limitations of using enclosed offices in an organization. ()

17. Explain six factors that an organization should consider when choosing a means of communication to send a particular message. ()

18. Describe four ways in which an office may ensure that the organization's property is safeguarded. ()

19. Outline six items of information that may be contained in a contract of employment. ()

20. Explain four benefits that an organization may get from centralized purchase of stationery. ()