KNEC Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management Module II Office Organization Past paper July 2019 Answers

Answers for Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management Module II Office Organization Past paper July 2019

Course Name:  Human Resource Management
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Course Level:  Craft Certificate
Sub Level:       Module II
Course Unit:   Office Organization
Exam body:    KNEC

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1. State three benefits of following the principle of unity of objective in an organization. ()

2. List four disadvantages of the sole proprietorship form of business. ()

3. Give three factors to consider in determining appropriate lighting for an office. ()

4. State three advantages of using the subject filing system. ()

5. Outline three reasons for using visual aids in communication. ()

6. State three circumstances where it may be appropriate to use the time rate method of calculating employees wages. ()

7. Name three types of envelopes commonly used in offices. ()

8. State four measures that an organization may take to enhance its public image. ()

9. Outline three uses of video conferencing. ()

10. Outline three limitations of using the telephone as a means of communication. ()

11. Outline six ways in which an employee may contribute to poor human relations with other employees in an organization. ()

12. Explain four demerits of applying the annual stock taking method in an organization. ()

13. Explain six benefits that an organization gains from outsourcing accounting and payroll services. ()

14. Outline four reasons that may make an office manager reluctant to use the line organization structure. ()

15. Explain six factors that an organization should consider when choosing an appropriate filing system. ()

16. Explain four advantages of using modular office furniture. ()

17. Describe six physical conditions that are necessary for a good office environment. ()

18. Outline four factors that may hinder adoption of modern technology in an organization. ()

19. Outline the measures that the sender of information may take to ensure that the right message is received. ()

20. Explain four duties that a transport manager is expected to carry out in an organization. ()