KNEC Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management Module II Office Organization Past paper November 2018 Answers

Answers for Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management Module II Office Organization Past paper November 2018

Course Name:  Human Resource Management
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Course Level:  Craft Certificate
Sub Level:       Module II
Course Unit:   Office Organization
Exam body:    KNEC

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1. State three forms in which information may be prepared to make it usable in the office. ()

2. State three situations where the line organization structure may be appropriate to use in an organization. ()

3. Outline four factors that may lead to high clerical performance in an open plan office. ()

4. State three limitations of using the geographical filing system. ()

5. State four advantages of oral communication. ()

6. Outline three reasons that make it essential for a business to have a proper accounting method. ()

7. List three uses of a bin card in the stores. ()

8. State three reasons that make the radio a popular media of public relations activities. ()

9. Outline three circumstances where written communication would be more effective. ()

10. Outline three features of a landscaped office. ()

11. Explain six benefits that a firm with a well designed organization structure enjoys. ()

12. Outline four advantages of the open plan office layout. ()

13. Explain six physical conditions that are necessary for a good office environment. ()

14. Outline four measures that the person in charge of petty cash can take to prevent fraud. ()

15. Explain the reasons why an office manager may be reluctant to computerize office records. ()

16. Outline four advantages of formal communication in an organization. ()

17. Explain six reasons that make it necessary to maintain adequate quantities of stationery in an office. ()

18. Explain four roles played by the public relations function in an organization. ()

19. Explain six ways in which an employee may improve his or her relationship with the superior. ()

20. Explain four disadvantages of the chronological filing method. ()